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Solved: Can’t hear squad members in game chat

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Anthem Is The Game We Were Promised

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Anthem Is The Game We Were Promised

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I think this will become even more important if Bioware adds more Javelins in the future.

  • So i have been recently trying to stream CoD modern warfare crossplay on twitch with a friend ok my xbox one.

  • And i can understand if PCF doesn't want to pool a lot of resources into doing all of this.

Anthem May Not Support Text Chat on PC

However, in late 2017, it was decided that the waiver would not be renewed, and that the exemption period would end after Decenber 31st, 2018.

  • The perversion to this law, aiming to make chat more accessible, is devs totally opting out of the most basic text chat to avoid complying with that law What's this now? You could use profanity filters.

  • There are always going to be activities though that are not possible for absolutely everyone to do.