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This prompt came from a survey of users suggesting they would be open to a digital date.

  • We're not in amazimg terms nor am I ready to see her as a friend but since she broke up, she always told me she wanted to remain friend, that's something I might want too but I can see how this could be an issue with future relationship.

  • So why not use a tried and true method of getting someone to communicate with you? Ask an absurdly specific and slightly bizarre question about pop culture.

25 Tinder First Message Tips

When it comes to sending a message to a girl with a blank profile… It makes sense to just send a simple emoji or gif.

  • Megan has anyone ever told you that you look just like Dua Lipa? But how do you stand out from the crowd? I too once said hi to a stranger during rush hour… his glare is forever burned into my brain.

  • As well as drawing out interesting answers and getting a conversation rolling, these also help the two of you to filter out unsuitable matches.

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