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Gradient tinder Tinder Symbol.

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Gradient tinder Tinder Symbol.

What Does The Blue Star Mean On Tinder? [in 2022]

Gradient tinder Tinder Symbol.

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Tinder Symbol. The fact that Tinder changed its wordmark which have a symbol shown a life threatening message

And, the type of new flames might have been slightly altered.

  • Tinder Select is a members-only version of the app.

  • Blue Stars in the Tinder Discovery screen If you are swiping other profiles in the Discovery screen and see a profile who has a slue star on their profile, it means that they SuperLiked you.


Blue stars in the Tinder Match list You can also find the Blue Star, once you matched with a profile in the match list area, where the person who SuperLiked you or you have SuperLiked her will have the blue star next to her name.

  • We started to see linear gradients in every tool that people use.

  • So, for now, it seems like only high-profile, pretty people can use it to meet celebrities.

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