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Chat colored text flash Free Text

Chat colors

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Combination Codes red:scroll: 路 red:shake: 路 red:slide: 路 red:wave: 路 red:wave2: green:scroll: 路 green:shake: 路 green:slide: 路 green:wave: 路 green:wave2: cyan:scroll: 路 cyan:shake: 路 cyan:slide: 路 cyan:wave: 路 cyan:wave2: purple:scroll: 路 purple:shake: 路 purple:slide: 路 purple:wave: 路 purple:wave2: white:scroll: 路 white:shake: 路 white:slide: 路 white:wave: 路 white:wave2: flash1:wave 路 flash1:scroll flash2:wave 路 flash2:scroll flash3:wave 路 flash3:scroll glow1:wave 路 glow1:scroll glow2:wave 路 glow2:scroll glow3:wave 路 glow3:scroll R.

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Text Symbols Copy and Paste 鈾 鈽 鈽 鉂 鉁

Color Codes Code Effect Example Result cyan: Bright Blue Text cyan:Sal's Realm green: Green Text green:Sal's Realm purple: Purple Text purple:Sal's Realm red: Red Text red:Sal's Realm white: White Text white:Sal's Realm Effects There are 7 different text effects that you can use in RuneScape.

  • If you press Alt and two numbers at once from the 10-99 range , you will get a random emoji.

  • You can also find this option available in the settings menu.